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I make my triumphant return to blogging only to leave you all with much to be desired. Truth be told, I’ve been a busy gal! My four day trip to Cape May over the holiday weekend was nothing short of perfect. My mom and I settled into a nice little routine:

• Sleep in (and by sleep in I mean roll out of bed around 8:00, which is by all means late for me)
• Brunch (we tried out Zoe’s, the Mad Batter (pictured above) and our hotel’s restaurant Sea Salt)
• Laying on the beach until about 3:00 and soaking up all the rays (which lead to my subsequent sunburn)
• Drinks at the hotel pool bar
• Shower
• Dinner (we ate at Sea Salt, 410 Bank Street, The Lobster House and Cucina Rosa)

Add in two runs (3 and 5 miles), a Bruce Springsteen cover band, fireworks, and a little dose of Johnny Depp in the form of Tonto and you have the makings of a pretty awesome beach getaway.

And now the week just drags on…

  1. mrsfitwatcher said: Sounds like a fab time!
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