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26 year old on a quest to get healthy, lose weight and find my happy. Currently in a love/hate relationship with running and just completed my first marathon What's next?.

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Finished my first mud run (Merrell Down & Dirty National Mud Run and Obstacle Series) with Jon and Katie and had a great time doing it! I was a little nervous about the obstacles but they ended up being pretty easy except for the slippery mountain at the end. They instructed you to climb up on your knees as opposed to your feet and my legs got a little tore up. Of course the final crawl through the mud pit was the best part!

The course itself wove through Fairmount Park (if you’re familiar with Philadelphia at all) and was surprisingly hilly. Jon and I found ourselves walking a few times while Katie sped on ahead of us.

Official Time: 42:00 min on the dot. Jon was pissed when he found out I beat him by 1 second when he crossed the finish line before me. Should have got a quicker jump at the start bro!