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26 year old on a quest to get healthy, lose weight and find my happy. Currently in a love/hate relationship with running and just completed my first marathon What's next?.

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Me and my sister plus my future sister in laws.

This has been the lost amazing weekend and we are just getting started.

I am so excited to be getting married to the most amazing man on the world and to have such an amazing group of women in my life.

This is the beginning of something wonderful. And if I post some drunken things, I am sorry. You’ve been warned.

  1. trainingbarefoot said: you all look beautiful!
  2. andiamotutti said: SAM! you look gorgeous. this pink colors suits you so well.
  3. 1howshegotherwings said: Stunning!! So excited for you :)
  4. uhoh-janellio said: You’re gorgeous! Have fun!
  5. sic-itur-ad-astra said: enjoy! can’t wait for drunken posts lol
  6. mrsfitwatcher said: Yaaaaaaay! Have SO much fun! PS: You look AMAZING! :)
  7. easybeinggreene said: super fun!
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