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26 year old on a quest to get healthy, lose weight and find my happy. Currently in a love/hate relationship with running and just completed my first marathon What's next?.

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All set to go for tomorrow’s race!

  • Race bib picked up.
  • Fuel acquired.
  • Outfit picked out.
  • Playlist updated.
  • Water drank.
  • Rest enjoyed.

Now my bed is calling my name. See you tomorrow for half marathon #2!

  1. ariavie said: Wooo! Good luck!
  2. turtleseyeview said: Good luck!
  3. sic-itur-ad-astra said: have fun!!!!
  4. 1howshegotherwings said: Good luck & enjoy :)
  5. c00lrunnings said: WAIT. I totally forgot you were doing it too!! I wish it was going to be warmer out, I’m so confused as to what to wear!
  6. easybeinggreene said: GOOD LUCK!!
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